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Welcome to The 
4th NewJersey Volunteers

War of Right's community

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About us

We are Gaming community

What the 4thNJ is

We are a multinacional War of Rights mil-sim unit found in 2018, with North American and European time-zones. War of Rights is our main game but we are not restricted to it, we also play a variety of different games when we are not out killing rebels in events.


What we do

We participate in different War of Rights events with other units in the War of Rights community and have fun while doing so. And we value the respect between everyone inside or outside the regiment.

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How to Join the 4thNJ

What you need to do

First you would have to already have the game which is available on steam. Next you have to join our discord which will be linked below, from there follow the instructions given to you in the #4th-new-jersey-devils and go to the "Recruit Waiting Room" (as showed in the image on the side), call a @🖊️ Recruiter in the #recruit-text-channel and wait for instructions.

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What we expect in the 4thNJ

We expect for you and everyone in the regiment to respect everyone above all things, and as we are a mil-sim regiment we also expect you to be mature and be disciplined, and our main goal is for you to have fun.

How promotions work in the 4thNJ

To be eligible for your first promotion you will need to be active in the regiment for at least 2 weeks, besides that you are expected to have already completed a rifle qualification and to know at least the drill card 1.

How rifle qualifications work in the 4thNJ

The Rifle Qualification is a shooting test normally ministered by a Sergeant, it's composed by a sequence of 12 shoots, 3 on each one of the 4 targets, with the total possible score being 48 points.

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Your role in the 4thNJ

Your role or part in the 4thNJ as a member is to attend at least one drill and event every week if can more to keep up high activity in the 4th to be able to attend events or drills with the right amount of people as no people means no event or drill

What you can expect in the 4thNJ

You will be able to meet new people in the 4th and be a part of this grate gaming community who in all are some of the best people you will meet on and off of the field and be able to make new memories with each and everyone

What to do in the 4thNJ

You will be able to partake in many events, drills, war games and even special events such as movie nights, anniversary's and much much more that you may participate in

Home: Guides
Home: Guides

How events work

There will be two different maps which will be played on, you will enter the password given and join the regiment and the unit that is announced for the event, You will then spawn in find the 4thNJ and line up for further orders.

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4thNJ Code Of Conduct

[Code of Conduct]
As a member of the 4th New Jersey Regiment you are expected to represent the unit in a professional manner at all times in and out of War of Rights.
Racism, Bullying, Trolling and Sexism will not be tolerated against another member or non member party. Team-killing is also a thing we simply don't do.

4thNJ rank structure

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Recruit (Rct)

Basic Trainee - The lowest rank in the 4th New Jersey. This rank is attained upon
recruitment into the 4th New Jersey and is to be retained until their basic training has been completed.

Home: Videos

Special thanks to


For the short video clips and highlights of events his YouTube channel is: [AN Productions] - go and give him a like subscribe and hit the notification bell to be UpToDate with his quality War of Rights event videos


For suggestions and thoughts on what to improve and what to add for people who need help, to the site to make it better and more pleasing to view


For suggestions on what to add to the site such as links for people to be able to use to join the discord and ect for people to easily join the regiment

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We hope to see you on field soon

Other games we like play

Arma 3 , Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) , IL 2 Sturmovik , Hunt Showdown , Foxhole , Paradox Games , Rdr 2 , Rs2 Vietnam , Total War , Ultimate General Admiral , Mordhau , Carrier Commander 2 , Ect..

Quick history of the 4thNJ

The 4th New Jersy was an Volunteer regiment. The regiment had fought in the battles of Salem Heights , Banks's Ford , Gettysburg campaign , and the battle of Gettysburg. The 4thNJ was commanded by Colonel William B. Hatch. Colonel William B. Hatch. would end up dying 2 days later after he had his leg amputated

4thNJ Event campaigns

North and South event , Historical rules event , United Eruopean event

4thNJ Drills/Events days

Infantry Drills: Monday - Sunday
Artillery Drills: Monday - Saturday
Events: Wednesday - Sunday

We stand with Ukraine

We stand and support those who are Deling with a major crisis and those who are risking their lives to support and protect their home and country

R.I.P WildBill

1stSgt WildBill was an excellent NCO but an even better friend. He touched a lot of people in the regiment with his words and just being there for them. Words can't describe how saddened we all are to have lost a great friend. WildBill joined our regiment on January 31, 2020, and from then on was a role model for new members and old alike. His legacy will live on forever in the hearts of those who knew him and those of the 4thNj. May you Rest in Peace Bill.

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